Websites for Mobile Devices

Statistics show that every year the number of people browsing the internet using their mobile phones is increasing. It is projected that this year alone the number of people browsing the internet in Lithuania will increase by 20 percent.

If your website will not be available for mobile phones, you might lose many potential clients. If your website will not be adaptive to the mobile device browser, the overall view of your website will be deformed, the navigation will be difficult and the user will not be able to effectively use huge amounts of downloaded information. These problems can be easily solved by having a website for mobile devices.

The development of websites for mobile devices is several times cheaper.

IT Marks guarantees up to six times lower website prices for mobile devices than for the development of traditional websites.

Trusting your website development for mobile devices to IT Marks ensures that your website will contain the following:

  • The view for a small screen. Your website view will be as attractive on the mobile phone screen as it is on the computer screen.
  • Accessible navigation. Using their mobile phones, your website users will easily and quickly access all the information they are looking for.
  • Customers’ loyalty. If users will know that your website is accessible to mobile phones and your competitions’ websites are not, you will increase your customers’ loyalty to your company.
  • Mobile business. If you have a website for mobile phones, this means that your business has become mobile, i.e. the information with your special offers has become more easily accessible. That is a huge competitive advantage in the overloaded internet market.