Web Development

Do you want a quality website for a reasonable price that would satisfy your needs?

Professional web development includes client analysis, website and information architecture design, programming, search engine optimization, usability analysis, content design and project testing. Trust all these web development works to a single company and you will save your time, get the best price for highest quality and you web development will run smoothly.

Web development – all services from a single hand.

IT Marks includes the whole spectrum of services and experienced personnel apply innovative electronic business technologies, so your website will be modern and competitive.

  • Client analysis. We will talk through and sort out all your needs for a website, as well as apply individual solutions for your business.
  • Website and information architecture design. Your website design will be in line with new trends, so you will be unique in your business sector. We will design your website information architecture for your client audience, so your clients will immediately find the information they are looking for.
  • Development. Your website will be developed according to high web standards of World Wide Web Consortium.
  • Search engine optimization. We will perform internal website optimization for search engines, which will guarantee top positions in the Google search engine and customer accessibility.
  • Usability. According to user experience, we will design your website structure for comfortable navigation and information accessibility.
  • Content management system. We will install a convenient content management system, which will allow you to update your website content fast and easily. For low additional fee we will write professional content, which will persuade your customers to purchase your products and services.
  • Testing. We will perform your website testing, which will ensure the quality performance and sustainability of your website.
  • Price. We ensure quality websites for reasonable prices. We apply up to 50% discounts to new customers.

Website maintenance – guarantee for efficient website.

To keep your website sustainable, IT Marks offers these successful solutions:

  • Website registration in the Google search engine.
  • All services for website maintenance. We will take care of any technical problems without additional fees.