One of the wealthiest people in the world and Microsoft inventor Bill Gates once said: “If you are not on the first page of search results – you are not on the internet at all.”

Statistics show that 98 percent of all searches in Lithuania are performed through Google. If someone is looking for a product or services that you are providing and your website is not present among the first 10 search results, you are giving up your potential customers to your competitors.

Internet marketing of SEO. The operation mechanism.

The internet marketing experience of IT Marks guarantees that your website will possess successful search engine optimization solutions:

  • Keyword selection. We will determine what keywords are being used during the search for your products and services.
  • Internal website optimization. We will preprogram your website content (headlines, links, texts, meta tags).
  • External website optimization. We will register your website in the most important directories and ensure active exchange of links.
  • Business ethics. We only work with one member of a particular market, so we will not cooperate with your competition.